How it works


Manage your meals

Add all the meals you like to make and stop agonizing over what to make each day. The app remembers your meal preferences and makes it easy to re-use meals.


Plan your week

Each week, create a plan for which meals you'll make each day. The app will generate an easy-to-use shopping list for you based on the needed ingredients.

eating together


Share your meal planning with a partner or the whole family to get others involved in the planning. Track who is cooking and when we need to eat for each day.


Add your Meals

Add all your meals in an easy-to-use UI.


Plan your Week

Select meals and add notes for each day of the week.

eating together

Take the anxiety out of deciding what to eat each week

After a one-time meal setup in Simple Weekly Meal Planner, you can map out your meal plan each week in just seconds and start your week feeling prepared.

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